The story of Bob…



Here we have the noble Sir Bob and some giant tools!


Firstly I’m going to use the cutters to remove the base from around his feet

Bob’s quite tall enough so we’ll also remove his platform shoes


Much better!

Next we drill a small hole in one of his feet. This takes about 10 seconds and I’m looking for a hole that’s about 3mm deep


Now I need to choose Bob somewhere suitable to stand


Next I cut a paperclip and use superglue to attach it to Bobs foot. I want to cover the 3mm inside his foot as well as the 2mm thickness of the base. It doesn’t matter if you make it too long as it’s easy just to trim some more off it


Ta Da!


Now I drill a small hole in the mdf base where I want the pin to go. Add superglue to both of his feet making sure to get some on the pin and…


We have much happier looking foot knight!

Finally I’ll just use the file to quickly file off any rough area on the bottom of the base


This is a relatively quick process.

There are also a couple of other options you could use:
One would be to heat up the end of the paperclip with a lighter, then make the initial hole in the foot of the figure by pushing it up into the plastic and melting its way in. Next cut away the melted plastic once it cools, and drill the base where required as already mentioned above. You could also simply super glue to figure to the base, but speaking from personal experience figures that are pinned are very hard to shift and don’t mind being dropped as much as figures that are simply glued!

All that’s left to do now is for Sir Bob to find some friends!

Bob and chums
Bob and chums

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